Connecting to a Virtual Windows 10 Desktop/Lab

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There are two ways to connect to Kenyon's Virtual Computer Labs and you can use either method.  This service is available both from off-campus or on-campus.

1) Install a VMware Horizon Client on Your Computer or Device (recommended)

To install the client on Windows or Apple computers

Visit and click Install VMware Horizon Client to download the Windows or Mac client.

HTML web page for

You will be directed to VMware. Select the client you need and download the file.  To install, double-click the installer file you downloaded, and follow the prompts.

(To download the VMware Horizon Client for  iOS visit the iOS App Store.  For Android devices, visit the Google Play store.  For Chrome devices, visit Chrome Web store.)

After you install the client, click in the upper left corner on New Server.  Enter the Connection Server URL that you wish to connect to and click Connect.

VMware Horizon Client

  • You should use VCL (virtual Computer Lab) at the url:, when you want to access it from off campus.  If you want to access the virtual computer from ON campus, please use  Note: If you are off campus and the pool needed is restricted to on campus use, it can be accessed throught the VPN in order for Faculty and staff to reach
  • You will need to authenticate with DUO, using your Kenyon network username and password
  • Choose the desktop you'd like to access.
  • When you are finished, shut down or sign out of the virtual desktop to disconnect.  Do not click to close the window.  This leaves the resource in use.

2) Through Your Web Browser

If you are off campus, open any browser and go to  If you are on campus, open any browser and go to

Log in with your Kenyon network username and password.

  • You will be prompted to authenticate through Duo.
  • Choose the desktop you'd like to access.
  • When you are finished, close or sign out of the virtual desktop to disconnect.

NOTE:  Remember to save all your work on Kenyon network or Google drives, not on the virtual desktop. When you log off or disconnect, the virtual desktop you connected to will be reset so it can be used by another person.  All data on the virtual machine will be deleted after logout.

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UPDATED 12/7/2020