Mobile ID Android Installation

1. Open the Play Store

2. Search for "CBORD Mobile ID"

3. Install "CBORD Mobile ID"


4. Open the app

5. In the top right drop down menu, open the Settings


6. Select "ENTER URL"


7. Type in "" and press "OK"


8. The app will ask you to log in. Pressing "OK" will redirect you to web browser on your phone

9. Enter your Kenyon ID and password. You will then be prompted with a Duo request. Accept this request and return to Mobile ID


10. Click "Authorize


11. To use your phone as your K-Card, simply click the plus button at the top and enter the number on the K-Card reader you wish to access or pick one of your recent locations, then tap Go to open the door.

10194-OlinNorthFrontEntrance.pngImage of K-Card reader with a green light on.Screenshot_2016-06-03-09-47-23.png