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Comments from the September 29, 2015 slides.  

(They were posted on the wall in December 2015.  This are typed as closely as possible to the words on the sheet.  They are in no particular order.)

I feel the cafe is a HUGE mistake.  It’s bad enough when the Peirce dishes/food are left everywhere!

I am tired of cleaning up messes!  No cafe.

I feel it's not a good idea because there will be food everywhere--

How is that different from now 

There is always “traces” left.

A coffee and/or food area (not vending machines) that’s open past 11pm.

Natural light= Good! : )

Looks just like Peirce  = Bad :(

Comfy Furniture!!

More Study Space

No one like hard couches

or chairs you have in the pics

Solar Panels

Also I love window-seats so much just saying


I mean, we like stained glass and vaulted ceilings...which may be frustrating, as an architect, but...image of bookcase next to stained glass window with arches

Excavate more!  Pot at least three levels underground for expansion-preferable 4 (or)?).  

Use at least some of the roof space for photovoltaic panels, please. 

If you must have such a large, open room, put some fans on the ceiling to heat/cool as needed.

Copper or brass doorknobs for stopping spread of bacteria.

As a history major I want not not less physical books


Open 24-7 (or at least 24 hours Sunday-Friday and later Friday nights!)

How about a stained-glass window?  Good Idea  

Need for more individual carrels

24/7 study space (hearts and start around it!)

More cubbies--I like having a quiet floor

More natural light is a great idea!  Then a retweet added and an I agree.  then another note: but if it’s dark when you’re in the lib what's the point....

Quiet spaces, quiet spaces, quiet spaces--this is a library , we come here to STUDY, not talk

I like the current system-the whole LIB doesn’t have to be silent. 

Yes, but the main pt. remains. We come here to study.

Little study room like the one we have one the 3rd floor now

There should be more carrels, all seniors should have access to a carrel

Cubicles?-ditto-- Where are the small/ind study areas?

Testing Space

Form-Function  (Form follows function)

The library, both on the outside and inside, should not look like the additoin to Peirce. as the exterior seen here

the reading room too, students don’t want to eat and work in the same space

23/7 space is a good idea.  We do not need as much group space as proposed.

Big reading rooms may look nice but many people like to study in secluded areas, cubbies, desks w/dividers, spaces like behind GOVDOCS on the first floor of Chalmers.

It is important to be able to browse the stacks

Computers are very important, also electrical outlets!

We need to seriously consider whether a whole, brand-new library is necessary.  It might be ideal, but I think we can do just as well by renovating what we currently have.

Renovation, not redo.  I agree!  Yes

Why so much wasted space?  This!

More private, singular study desks, plz!

Give students the option to work alone or with groups.

More F. A. Pls?  

If a lib is supposed to be quiet, why do we have the proposed atrium?

Wouldn’t it magnify any sound in that big room?

We do not need as much group study space as proposed.  If there are group study spaces next to quiet spaces, the group spaces should be soundproof.  Yes, yes and a yes please added to the note.

Quiet study spaces should be separated by walls from the atrium

Cafe=Yes, I agree and then Completely disagree

Nice Windows!

Less group!

I, like, the one we have isn’t too bad. :)

Guys, lets not waste millions of dollars on this. Peace. :)

No! Seriously. I mean, come on.....:)



Amy, this is awesome! Also, if you didn't already know, a Thrill article was written about these.