July 24: Get To Know Your New Phone

While you're reading this, take a look at the new IP phone handset on your desk. There are two models of Cisco IP phones at Kenyon, and it's easy to determine which one you have. 

Look at the columns of buttons on either side of the display. If your phone has five buttons on each side of the screen, you have the 8961 model. If your phone has six buttons on each side of the screen, you have the 9971 model. 

Since the model numbers aren't prominently labeled on the phones, we'll refer to them here as five-button and six-button phones to keep it simple.

Handset Base and Buttons

Just like your existing telephone, your new IP phone has buttons to help you manage essential functions. These can be organized in three categories:

  • Call management (hold, transfer, release)
  • Phone hardware (speakerphone, volume, headset)
  • Menu navigation 

To learn more, see Cisco's overviews of the five-button and six-button phones.

Digital Display

Both models of Kenyon's new IP phones feature a color display that shows you information about incoming calls, phone options, and your telephone account. Both phones provide the same features, but there's a key difference between the two models.

If you have a five-button phone, you will use the four soft buttons directly under the display to navigate menu options. If you have a six-button phone, your phone uses a touchscreen display, and you'll instead tap options on the screen itself.

Both models can be configured to manage single or multiple incoming lines. Click the appropriate link below to learn more about your phone's display:

Your Homework For the Day

If you did your homework yesterday, you practiced making outgoing calls within and outside Kenyon. Today, take it a step further: 

  1. Find a colleague or two, and call each other using your new IP phones. 
  2. Practice using the handset buttons to place calls on hold, transfer calls to another extension, mute your handset, and release the call. 
  3. Place and receive calls using your speakerphone.
  4. Press the Applications button and use the arrow pad to explore your phone's options. While you're there, set a custom ringtone.

If you have any questions about using your new phone, call Helpline at 1-740-427-5700 or email us at helpline@kenyon.edu.