Demos of Model 8961 and 9971 Phone Features

go to:

In top right corner:

Email/login: demouser 
Password: demouser!


Model 8961 (has 5 buttons on side of phone display) 
Model 9971 (has 6 buttons on side of phone display) 
Color Key Expansion Module

Click: Launch button at Cisco 8961/9971 Phone Overview
Click: Menu button on next page.  A list of demo modules appears. 
         Select demo modules as desired.


  • Introduction
  • Buttons & Hardware
  • Phone Screen
  • Extension Mobility (no on any Kenyon phones at this time)

Basic Call Handling

  • Answer
  • Make Calls
  • Hold & Transfer Calls
  • Do Not Disturb (not available on Kenyon phones, only in web portal)
  • Conferencing

Advanced Call Handling

  • Shared Lines (not on Kenyon phones)
  • Park Calls

Additional Features

  • Call History
  • Personal Contacts Directory 
  • Personal Fast Dials (not used at Kenyon--use Speed Dial Numbers instead)
  • Voicemail
  • Ringtone