Voicemail Quick Reference Guide

First Time Login to Voicemail:

  • Write out your  personal greeting beforehand.  Choose a 6-digit voicemail PIN (first read Change your voicemail PIN 5 lines below this).
  • Press the Message button on your phone and your will be prompted to enter the initial phone PIN: 123456 followed by [#]
  • The First Time Login Tutorial plays.  Follow proyou will be prompted  to complete the following steps:
    • Record your name.
    • Record your personal greeting.
    • Change your voicemail PIN (must be at least 6 digits long).  Voicemail PINs expire every several months  and cannot be repeated until 25 changes have occurred.
    • Hint:  To make it easier to remember your PIN: choose a 4-digit pin (perhaps use your current voicemail password) and add 01 at end; when PIN expires,  change  it to ####02.  Continue this sequence with subsequent PIN changes.

Set Up Voicemail Notifications

There are three options you can select to be notified if you have voicemail: a red light on the handset turns on; a small envelope graphic appears by your name on the phone, or a stutter tone sounds when you pick up the phone.  Any or all of these options can be selected by logging into your telephone web portal and selecting Phone Settings on the left pane and Voicemail Notifications on the right.  Instructions for logging into your telephone web portal are found in the Self Care Portal User Guide.  NOTE:  It is important to select as least one of thes options for being notified about voicemail.  Otherwise you will by default receive an email message for each voicemail message you receive.

Accessing Voicemail Messages 

  • To access your primary phone line's voicemail after setting it up:
    • Press the Message button on phone.
    • When prompted, enter your new PIN  plus "#" key when prompted.
    • If there are new messages, they  will begin to play.   Messages are deleted after 30 days.
    • During message or just after it has finished, you can  press:
      • [1] replay message
      • [2] save message
      • [3] delete message
      • [4] reply to message
      • [5] forward message (see later section)
      • [8] pause/resume playing of message
  • To set up and access a  secondary personal line's voicemail:  The first time you access this line's voicemail, have your personal greeting for this phone line written out and a new 6-digit PIN ready before you go through the Setup Tutorial:
  1. Press the Message button on phone.
  2. When the voice prompt is heard asking for a PIN, press the "*" key instead. 
  3. When prompted for an ID, enter the 11-digit phone number for that secondary line (1740427####)
  4. When prompted for a PIN, enter the default PIN 123456. 
  5. You will be taken through the Setup Tutorial to record your name, a new greeting, and change your PIN to another 6-digit PIN.

After this line's voicemail has been set up, you can subsequently access it from your phone by following steps 1-4 above, but use your new PIN instead.

Remote Dial-in to Voicemail (from location other than office):

  • Dial your 11-digit office phone number from another phone. 
  • When greeting message begins, press: [*]
  • When prompted, dial your user ID, which is your 11-digit office phone number followed by [#]
  • Enter your PIN followed by [#].

Using the [4] Setup Options Menu (to record greetings and change PIN)

Login to voicemail (as above) and when prompted press [4] to access the Setup Options menu:

  •  Press [1] Change greetings.  Current greeting  plays--- to bypass playing of greeting press [#]
    • [1] re-record standard greeting
    • [2] turn ON/OFF alternate  greeting (when you are going to be away from the office temporarily)
    • [3] edit (record) other  greetings.  The default greeting for all is: “yourname is unavailable”
      • [1] standard greeting
      • [2] “closed” greeting
      • [3] alternate greeting (do not set ending date as the prompts are very confusing--keep turned OFF until ready to leave office. To turn ON alternate greeting: login & select [4]Setup Options,  [1] Change Greetings, [2] turn ON/OFF alternate greeting
      • [4] “busy” greeting
      • [5] internal greeting
  • Press [3] Preferences
    • [1] change your PIN 
    • [2] record name 
    • [3] directory listing (remove your name from or re-add your name to corporate directory).  

Send a Voicemail Message directly to another Voice mailbox:

Login to voicemail and press [2] Send a Message.  (Messages cannot exceed 5 minutes)

  • At the prompt record your message.  Press [#] when finished.  
  • You will be told to enter recipient’s name, but to enter a phone number instead,  press [#] [#
  • Enter the 11-digit phone number  of the recipient followed by [#].
  • Press another [#] to add the number.  Press [#] to send the message.

Forward  a Voicemail Message  to another Voice mailbox:

After listening to the entire message, you will be prompted to press  1, then 2,3,4,5. etc. to select how you want to handle the message.

  • Press  [5] to forward message.  
  • You will be prompted to record an introduction to the forwarded message.   [Optional].  Press [#] when finished.  
  • You will be told to enter recipient’s name, but to enter their phone number instead,  press [#] [#
  • You will be prompted to enter the 11-digit phone number (1740427####) of the recipient followed by [#].
  • Press another [#] to confirm and add the number.  Press [#] to send the message.
  • You will be returned to the main menu and given options (1,2,3,4,5...) for handling the original voicemail message.  
  • Press [2] to save or [3] to delete it.
  • The next unheard message will begin to play.


Change PIN:

  • [4] Setup Options
  • [3] Preferences
  • [1] Change PIN (at least 6 digits)

Record standard greeting

  • [4] Setup Options,
  • [1] change greetings,
  • Press [#] to bypass greeting
  • [1] re-record standard greeting, follow prompts

Record alternate (temporary) greeting:

  • [4] Setup Options
  • [1] change greetings
  • press [#] to bypass greeting,
  • [3] edit other greetings
  • [3] record alternate  greeting, follow prompts. Do not set ending date.
  • Leave greeting turned OFF until ready to leave office.  At that time  login and press [4], [1], [2] to turn ON.