The Bloomberg Terminal

This workstation, located in Library Building A, is reserved for users of the Bloomberg software to access market data and financial information.  The laptop is removable from its dock and is available for checkout from the Circulation desk for a period of 24 hours by Kenyon faculty for use in the classroom.  It may be unavailable to Library patrons for certain periods of time.

To create a personal account to access the Bloomberg software, login to the computer with your Kenyon username and password, then double click on the green Bloomberg icon on the desktop.

Bloomberg Terminal Start Screen

Next, press the Enter on the keyboard.Image of Bloomberg Terminal log-in screen and language configuration.

Select “Create New Login” to create a personal Bloomberg account.

For a basic tutorial on using the Bloomberg Terminal, type HELP at the prompt, (once you are logged into your Bloomberg account) and select “Getting Started with Bloomberg.”

Before launching the service, it may be useful to add the Bloomberg plugin for Microsoft Excel.  Select Start>All Programs>Bloomberg>Install Office Add-ins.

For in-depth questions about using Bloomberg, please contact Economics Professor Will Melick at The license for the Bloomberg software has been provided by Kenyon College Trustee Matthew Winkler, ’77, H’00, P’13.