Poster and Display Policy

It is recognized that the library is a popular location for the promotion of events and services offered by groups and organizations on campus.  In the spirit of campus community, posting of material is allowed in designated areas in Olin & Chalmers Libraries following certain guidelines.

Approved Locations:

  • The bulletin boards in the main north or south entrances.
  • The bulletin boards located by the multipurpose copiers on Chalmers 1st, 2nd & 3rd floors.
  • Save paper and use the digital displays for campus related promotions ( contact Michael Reilly, ext. 5385).


  • Posters should not be larger than 11 x 14.
  • Posters/flyers should be dated and then removed after the event.
  • Brochures, handouts and flyers may not be placed on study tables, carrels, stacks or in any undesignated location.
  • Brochures, handouts and flyers may not be handed to patrons in the library or at library entrances.
  • Displays and donation boxes or survey boxes must have prior approval from Access Services, ext. 5990 or 5187.
  • It is never acceptable to use tape on walls or doorways, post only in designated areas.
  • The library reserves the right to remove poster/flyers or brochures that are expired, deemed potentially offensive or posted in undesignated areas. Displays must be removed in a timely fashion by the organization sponsoring the display.