Using the Panasonic HD Camcorder

Getting Started

Charging the Battery: 

Plug the AC adapter into the right side of the camera. (Lift flap to access the terminal.) Plug other end into a power outlet. Status indicator will flash red while charging and turn off when complete.

Power on: 

Open the side display and push the bottom power on/off button on left side control panel.

Selecting a mode:

There are three camcorder modes, activated by a switch on the back of the camcorder: Motion Picture Recording, Still Picture Recording, and Playback mode. Select the one you desire.

Touch Screen: 

Many functions can be selected on the display touch screen.


Recording Media:

You can record your movie to the built-in 16GB memory, or you can provide your own SD memory card (Class 4) if you need more recording time.

Preview the recording scene:

Use the LCD monitor to view the scene you plan to record. It can be tilted for better viewing.
Start Recording: Push the small silver and red Record button on the rear to begin recording. A red dot and a timer will display while the camera is recording. Push again to pause or stop.


In order to zoom in and out, find the dial marked W/T (wide and telephote) on top of the camera. Press towards T (telephoto) to zoom in; press towards W (wide angle) to zoom out.

Playback of video

Included in this camcorder kit is a multicolored A/V cable that connects from the AV Multi port on the side of the camcorder to the red and white audio inputs on your television, as well as either the yellow composite video input, or the multicolored component input on your television.


Slide the selector swith on back of the camcorder to the left Arrow Icon position. On the display screen, press the scene you would like to view, then press the play button. To adjust speaker volume, use the VOL dial (- VOL +) on top of the camera.

Viewing and Editing your video:

You can use the iMovie software on an Apple computer, or the Windows Movie Maker software on a Windows computer to edit your movies.

Including in this kit is a USB cable that connects from the camcorder's mini-USB port to an available USB port on your computer.

Returning the Camcorder Kit

Place all items in the camcorder bag before returning it to the Circulation Desk.

You may want to erase all the video recordings from the built-in memory. To do this, press the IA/Manual button on the side of the camcorder twice, seelct the onscreen Menu button, select Setup, finally, scroll down to the Format Media button. Select Built-in Memory, then press Yes.

Getting help

There is a Users Manual in the carrying case for instructions on more advanced features and troubeshooting hints.

Link to Panasonic manual on-line /

Instructions on using iMacs for video and media editing.