Library Policies

As a facility, Olin and Chalmers provides many different types of resources. The print and media collection of the college are housed there; specific circulation policies can be found here. Fines and fees for overdue, damaged, or lost materials are enforced.

The facility also includes computing labs, study spaces, student carrels, and work areas. Although not a rigorously quiet facility, Olin and Chalmers serves as a work area for many activities requiring concentration, and patrons expect to be able to work there in quiet areas. Respect for this need is a priority.

Technology resources housed in Olin and Chalmers are in high demand, and like any shared resource, must serve the campus community. Workstations should be used with consideration; belongings should be removed even when temporarily leaving the workstation area.

Because of the vulnerability and the value of both print and technology resources in Olin and Chalmers, we expect library users to act responsibly when consuming food and drink and disposing of the trash and to abide by the limits as described in the food and drink policy.

Library Policies

Food and Drink Policy

Quiet Policy

Poster & Display Policy