Computer Manufacturer Contact Information

Contact information for popular computer manufacturer companies are listed below. Check first with the manufacturer if you are experiencing hardware problems. If your computer is still under warranty, or if you have an extended warranty, you should call the manufacturer to arrange for any necessary repairs. 

Please note that over time, URLs and phone numbers may change, so if you cannot locate what you need below, be sure to try Google to confirm the proper contact information.

Acer: (800) 816-2237

Apple: (800) 275-2273

Asus: (888) 678-3688​

Compaq: (800) 888-0220

Dell: (800) 274-7799 

Hewlett Packard (HP): (800) 474-6836

IBM: (800) 426-4968

Sony: (888) 476-6972

Toshiba: (800) 457-7777