Multimedia Collections

Multimedia Collections

The Multimedia Collections Room houses the library's collection of recorded and printed music, the film collection in a variety of formats, a 15-seat screening space, and several individual viewing/listening stations. All viewing spaces are equipped with multi-region DVD players to allow for the use of non-Region 1/PAL DVDs.

Located on the second floor of the Olin Library building, the facility offers a quiet viewing and listening space for students and faculty. A separate listening room on the first floor of Chalmers houses the library's collection of LPs. 

Scores, Videos & DVDs

Kenyon Students and Affiliated Scholars with valid I.D. may check out multimedia materials from the Multimedia Collections desk for a four-hour time period. All materials designated in the online catalog as "library use only" must be viewed in a carrel within the department or on equipment provided by the staff. A number of DVDs in the collection circulate for 7 days to Students and Affiliated Scholars and are available for browsing in an open collection.

Kenyon Faculty, Administrators and Staff, with valid I.D., may check out multimedia materials for 7 days, and may renew materials up to three times.

Because Kenyon's film and music collections are developed and maintained to support the academic mission of the college, these materials may not be removed from the library by Alumni, Families, Guest Borrowers, Knox County Teachers, or KAP students.

Please note that Kenyon does not own public performance viewing rights for most titles in our film collection, which means that they may not be shown to groups outside of the 'face-to-face" classroom experience. Please check with Graham Coursey before attempting to show any film title to any group of people outside of an academic class.

Sound Recordings

Kenyon Students, Staff, Administrators, Affiliated Scholars and Ohiolink patrons with valid I.D. may check out CDs from the Multimedia Collections desk for one week. LPs are shelved in a listening room on the first floor of Chalmers; they are accessible by the patron for use in the room.

Public Performance Rights (PPR)

Kenyon's library holds public performance rights (PPR) for a number of films -- in nearly all cases, documentaries -- in its collection.  If you are planning a film screening for purposes other than use in the classroom (i.e., and advertized, public screening), you need to ensure that you have the rights to show the film in a non-academic setting. For more information about public performance rights and films at Kenyon, please visit the PPR Libguide.

Course Reserves

Similar to the course reserves for printed materials, our multimedia course reserves are offered for faculty and student use during the academic year. All faculty are encouraged to submit course reserve lists and screening requests for their classes by email to Graham Coursey. Films on course reserve are designated "library use only", except when the faculty member who placed the material on reserve needs to preview the item or use it in the classroom. Because course reserve films do not circulate out of the library, all the students in a class are given increased access to high-use, class-related videos for four hours at a time.

Course-Related Film Screenings and Other Services

Additional services for faculty, including how to schedule film showings in the Multimedia Theater and Olin Auditorium, are outlined on the Faculty Services webpage. If additional assistance is needed, the Multimedia Collections Room may be reached by telephone at (740) 427-5690, or Graham Coursey may be reached directly at (740) 427-5174.

Please note: Materials borrowed from the Multimedia Collections Room must be returned to the Multimedia Collections Desk. Please, do not return these in the outside book return bin!

Multimedia Collections Hours
Days Hours
Sunday 1:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday By Request Only