Building Map

Building Directory

Materials and Collections

Atlases – Chalmers, 2nd floor
Bound Periodicals – Chalmers, 1st floor 
Current Newspapers – Chalmers, 3rd floor 
Current Periodicals – Chalmers, 3rd floor
Folios (Oversized Books) 
– Chalmers, 3rd floor
Government Documents 
– Chalmers, 1st floor
Kenyon Authors Room – Olin, 2nd floor
– Chalmers, 1st floor
Microfilm/Microfiche – Chalmers, 2nd floor
Multimedia – Olin, 2nd floor 
New Books 
– Olin, 2nd floor
Reference Collection 
– Chalmers, 2nd floor 


Accessibility Services (in the CIP) – Olin, 1st floor
Center for Innovative Pedagogy (CIP) 
– Olin, 1st floor 
Circulation Desk – Olin, 2nd floor
Collection Services – Chalmers, 2nd floor
Course Reserves (at the Circulation Desk) – Olin, 2nd floor
Helpline - Chalmers, 2nd floor
Lost and Found (at the Circulation Desk) – Olin, 2nd floor
Reference Desk (Research Assistance) – Olin, 2nd floor
Interlibrary Loan (at the Circulation Desk) – Olin, 2nd floor
Greenslade Special Collections and Archives - Olin, 1st floor 
– Olin, 2nd floor
Writing Center (in the CIP) 
– Olin, 1st floor  


Chalmers Lab/Classroom (CHA 110) - Chalmers, 1st floor
Group Study Rooms – Olin and Chalmers, 3rd floor
Language Learning Center (CHA 114) - Chalmers, 1st floor
Olin Auditorium - Olin, 1st floor, South Lobby
Parnassus Room (Classics) 
– Olin, 3rd floor
Research Lounge  Chalmers, 2nd floor
Ringwalt Room - Chalmers, 2nd floor