Sharing Files on the Kenyon Network

File sharing via the network enables the exchange of work between students and faculty and among members of departments, as long as those users have permission to access the files. There are several ways of sharing files across the network.

  • If the file you need to share is smaller than 25 MB, you can attach the file to an email message in Gmail and send it to the recipient.
  • You can also share your files on a one-time basis with other Kenyon users by creating a folder under the P:\Temp folder, copying your file there, and notifying the receiver to retrieve it as quickly as possible. Important Note: The P:\Temp drive is NOT a secure storage area because anyone can edit or delete files that reside there. Files on P:\Temp are deleted by the system one week after being placed there. Be sure to save a backup copy of your files before transferring to P:\Temp.
  • An entire academic or administrative department can share files on a regular basis through departmental folders on their departmental O: drive. Many departments also have workgroup folders set up there for special projects.
  • Faculty members can also share files with students in a class directory under P:\class\dept\coursename\
  • You can easily share small and large documents using Google Drive.