How To Map Network Drives in Windows 7

Many Kenyon resources are available on servers which can be mapped by network users and accessed on campus. These include personal H: drives and the public P: drive.

1. Ensure that you have a working internet connection and that you are logged into the Kenyon network.

2. Click Start in the lower left corner, then click Computer.

3. In the toolbar near the top of the window that appears, click Map Network Drive.

Image with the basic computer folder screen with the dash button hovering over the Map network drive button.

4. Select the letter of desired drive from dropdown Drive menu. Then enter the address of the desired server into the Folder field:

  • For a student's H: (personal) drive, enter \\\<yourusername>$
  • For a staff or faculty H: (personal) drive, enter \\\<yourusername>$
  • For the O: (departmental) drive, enter \\\<division or department share>
  • For the P: (public) drive, enter \\\public

NOTE: There is no need to type a dollar sign ($) for the O: and P: drive addresses. For other drives, consult Helpline at 1-740-427-5700.

5. You may then be prompted to enter your Kenyon username and password. Enter kenyon\<yourusername> in the Username field. Your password is your Kenyon network password.