Web Browser Options

A web browser is a program that allows you to connect to the internet and browse web sites. Apple Macs come pre-installed with Safari for web browsing, while Windows PCs come with Internet Explorer. Both function adequately, though many people prefer not to use Internet Explorer due to some problems with loading web pages quickly, compatibility issues and vulnerability to malicious spyware. 

LBIS recommends that most users have at least two web browsers installed; many webpage problems are browser-specific and can be fixed by simply switching to another browser. Most Kenyon resources are also integrated with Google’s utilities and for this reason, Google’s Chrome browser is the browser of choice to provide good speed and work smoothly within the existing Kenyon infrastructure. Other popular alternative web browsers that are both fast and secure are Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Chrome is available for download at: 


Firefox is available for download at:


Opera is available for download at: