Multimedia Collections - Services for Faculty

Course Reserves

Kenyon faculty may place multimedia items on course reserves by contacting Graham Coursey at The function of course reserves is to retain materials within the department for assigned out-of-class viewing and listening.

Showings Policy and Instructions

The Multimedia Collections unit in LBIS will coordinate screenings for classes in two facilities located in the Olin Chalmers facility: Olin Auditorium and Olin Multimedia Theater. 

To arrange a screening in Olin Auditorium:

  • Faculty should contact Graham Coursey at, x5174.  Please be sure to indicate if a projectionist is required for your showing.  The multimedia staff will make a ReserveIT request for you.

To arrange a screening in the Olin Multimedia Theater:

  • Contact Graham Coursey at, x5174, to make reservations. The Olin Multimedia Theater can seat 15-18 students comfortably.  Larger classes should use the Olin Auditorium.

To arrange a showing outside of Olin/Chalmers:

Showings may be held outside the Olin/Chalmers facility as necessary. In such cases, LBIS asks that faculty designate a class participant (or multiple participants) as the class projectionist(s). A list of students with the dates for which they are responsible as student projectionists must be submitted to Graham Coursey at or x5174, so that their library record reflects this responsibility. The designated students will be asked to report to the Multimedia Collections unit ahead of the screening time to pick up the media to be shown, deliver it to the venue, and coordinate the showing. The Multimedia Collections Unit does not provide projectionists for showings outside of Olin/Chalmers.

  • Faculty should solicit a volunteer (or multiple volunteers) from their class to serve as projectionist, and report the name of these students to Paul Mollard at or x5701.
  • The students will receive training on operation of any necessary equipment, and be certified to borrow media for the course.
  • Faculty should consult Reserveit to find and reserve a time in a venue of their choosing.
  • Their class projectionist(s) will then be responsible for managing the showing, and will be paid a small stipend for their work.

More Information

If you need further assistance, please contact Multimedia Collections at (740) 427-5690.