Library Lockers

Students wishing to apply for a library locker should complete the application form and agree to the rules and regulations.  Applications will be accepted February 1st, 2021  to February 10th, 2021.  Only those applications that are completed in full will be considered, incomplete applications will be delayed.   Applicants will be notified of locker assignments around February 15th, 2021.  These assignments are for one semester only and there will be a new application period each semester. 

There are 51 individual lockers available and they are located in Library B.   The lockers are assigned first to on campus seniors, then juniors, etc. based on the following point system:

  • Reading for honors in the major = 1.00
  • Double majors = 1.00
  • Prior library-carrel or locker infractions = (-1.00)