Library Carrel Regulations

Regulations: Student Library Lockers

  1. The use of a locker is a privilege that can be revoked; it is not a right.
  2. Each locker is for the exclusive use of students assigned to that locker.
  3. To report locker issues, please contact Michelle Fidler (
  4. Perishable foods, tobacco products or illicit drugs are not to be stored in the lockers. 
  5. Lockers are to be kept clean of debris and food stuff.  If a locker is consistently in a state of disrepair, fines will be levied and/or locker privileges removed. 
  6. Lockers must remain free of any coverings, stickers,etc. 
  7. All library materials kept in a locker must have been properly charged to the student.
  8. Non-circulating materials (periodicals, reference works) may not be kept in lockers and will be removed.
  9. Lockers should be kept locked.
  10. The College is not responsible for personal items that may be lost, stolen or damaged.
  11. Locker checks are done weekly.
  12. Fines will be levied for lost keys or damaged locks.