Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many laptops are available?

A: As many as 24 MacBooks may be available for checkout. However, not all 24 may be available at all times due to maintenance needs and repairs. There are also eight iPads available for check out for eight days at a time. The iPads can be reserved at the circulation desk.

Q: How do I find out whether a laptop is available?

A: You may search CONSORT to see if any laptops are available; do a title or keyword search for laptops student MacBook.

Q: Who may check the laptops out?

A: At this time this is a pool for student use; faculty and staff should contact Desktop Support at ext. 5951 to see whether a laptop is available from the faculty/staff loaner pool. More information on the faculty/staff pool please contact helpline at ext. 5700.

Q: For how long may I check out a laptop?

A: For four hours at a time, unless it is checked out after 10 pm. Laptops checked out after 10 pm will be due at the circulation desk 15 minutes before closing. There are no overnight checkouts.

Q: May I reserve a laptop?

A: Laptops will circulate on a first-come first served basis; they are not reservable.

Q: May I renew a laptop?

A: Yes, if nobody is waiting at the circulation desk for one.

Q: May I check out more than one laptop at a time?

A: No, a student may only check out one laptop at a time.

Q: What happens if I check out a laptop and do not return it on time?

A: Overdue fines will accrue at a rate of $10 per hour. If a laptop is overdue by more than four hours the user's borrowing privileges will be suspended until all equipment is returned and all fines are paid.

Q: What happens if the laptop is damaged or I lose something while I have it checked out?

A: Users are responsible for the full cost of replacement of or repair of equipment and will be billed in accordance with College procedures.

Q: May I take the laptop out of the library?

A: Yes, but it still must be returned on time.

Q: May I check out a laptop overnight? Over a break?

A: No.

Q: May I install software on the Macbook?

A: No.

Q: May I save files on the laptop?

A: LBIS strongly advises against saving files on the laptop. The MacBooks are regularly and frequently reloaded, which wipes out all data. LBIS strongly suggests saving all work to your h: drive or to an external device such as an usb drive.