iPad FAQ

Eight iPads are available for short-term borrowing via Circulation.  Current Kenyon students and employees may borrow one.  The iPads are minimally configured, so borrowers may install apps and customize the iPad as if it was their own.  When the iPad is returned to Circulation, staff will remove any personal apps and data and will restore the iPad to a default state, ready for the next check out.

What is the loan period for Circulation iPads?

Eight days. Due to the limited supply, the loan may not be renewed unless at least one other iPad is in stock.

Who may borrow an iPad?

Only current students and employees of Kenyon College.

When I check out an iPad, what do I receive?

  • iPad in a hardshell case
  • Three-foot USB charging cable
  • Power supply
  • Carrying case

What should I do if I lose or damage an iPad I have borrowed from Circulation?

Please notify a Circulation supervisor immediately.  Come to the circulation desk or call (740) 427-5187.

Configuration and Apps

I just checked out an iPad. Now what?

When you turn on the iPad, you are immediately asked to set a password.  This helps to protect your personal information, especially if the iPad were lost or stolen.  You do not have to use your Kenyon network password, but the password you set on the iPad must also be at least fourteen (14) characters long and contain a mix of numbers and letters.  The iPad will ask you to enter the password whenever you turn it on or wake if from sleep.

(Note that you can put the iPad to sleep in three ways: close the cover, press the power button, or don't interact with it for five minutes.)

I set the password, but I forgot it.  Can Circulation or Helpline unlock the iPad for me?

If you enter an inccorect password, the iPad will offer you nine more chances to enter it correctly.  After a few incorrect tries, the iPad will make you wait an increasingly longer amount of time to try again-one minute, then five minutes, and on and on.  After ten incorrect password attempts, the iPad will erase itself, removing all apps, data and settings. This protects your personal information in case the iPad is lost or stolen.

Because the password you set securely locks the iPad, LBIS staff have no way of unlocking it to retrieve your password.  If you take the iPad to Circulation, a supervisor can reset the iPad and remove your password, but that will also erase any data or apps you have installed in the meantime.

What apps are already installed on the iPad?

Circulation iPads are setup to be very similar to an iPad newly purchased from Apple.  You will find these apps (and more) on the iPads:

Can I install other apps on Circulation iPads?

Yes, Use the App Store to browse and install apps. If you already have an iTunes account, you can download any iOS apps you've already purchased.  If you don't have an iTunes account, the iPad will ask you to create one before you can install any apps. Keep these points in mind:

  • It's not necessary to create an iTunes account to use the apps that come installed on the iPad.
  • If you want to download any apps, even if they're free, you must have an iTunes account or create one.  Note that iTunes may ask you for a credit card number when you create an account, even if you only plan to download free apps.
  • Some apps are free, and some have a cost.  If you purchase and download an app onto a Circulation iPad, Apple will charge your credit card for the cost of that app.
  • LBIS does not have an iTunes account you can use.  You must create your own if you wish to download apps.
  • When you return the iPad to Circulation, your apps - and any data therein - will be promptly erased.  If you purchased any apps, you may now download them again at any time onto other iOS devices.  But know that some apps only save data to the iPad, and any such data or files cannot be retrieved once your iPad is checked in at Circulation.

Can I install other content I've previously purchased from Apple, like songs or movies?

Yes. As long as your iTunes content is not already installed on the maximum number of devices, you may download iTunes Store content to a Circulation iPad using the iTunes app.  

Can I use my computer to add my own songs or apps to a Circulation iPad?

No. The software used to manage the Circulation iPads prevents this.  If you plug a Circulation iPad into your own computer, you will see this message when you open iTunes:

This iPad is supervised by another computer and cannot be used with this computer.