Sony Digital Audio Recorder

How to use the Sony Digital Audio Recorder

Installing batteries:

Slide and lift the battery compartment lid on the rear of the unit.  Insert 2 AAA alkaline batteries. 

Turning the recorder on:

Slide the HOLD-POWER ON/OFF switch for more than 1 second.  The recorder is now on, and the "Accessing..." animation is displayed.


Press the Red Record/Pause button on the front of the unit.  Recording begins and red light on top of unit turns orange, then solid red.  To pause recording, press the red Record/Pause button.  The red light blinks.  To stop recording, press the square button below the record button.


To listen to your recording, press the Play/Enter button.   To stop press the Stop button.


Select the file you want to erase in the display, then press the Erase button on the side of the unit.  "Erase?" is displayed, and the specified file is played back for confirmation.  Press the forward button to select "Yes."  Press Play/Stop/Enter, the erasing animation appears in the display window.

Copying Files to Your Computer:

Connect the Sony recorder to your computer using the provided USB cable.  On Windows computer, ensure that "IC Recorder" is displayed under "My Computer" or "Computer."  On a MacIntosh computer, ensure that "IC Recorder" is displayed on the desktop.  Drag and drop the files you want to copy from the recorder to a local disk or folder on your computer.  Disconnect the recorder from your computer.  To edit your audio files, you can use a free software program, such as "Audacity."