AV Equipment

The equipment listed below is available for checkout at circulation. Call (740) 427-5187 to make a reservation. If you need assistance with your event, please visit the Event Support webpage for more information. There are also AV-equipped classrooms on campus.


Laptops (Apple MacBook Airs)

MacBook Chargers


MagSafe 2


Phone Chargers


Iphone 4

Iphone 5/6

Video Cameras

HD Video Camcorder

Still Cameras

Canon PowerShot Digital Still Camera


NEC MT1060 Data/Video Projector

Philips ProScreen 4750 Data/Video Projector

NEC LT-280 Data/Video Projector

Hitachi CP-X5 Data/Video Projector

 NEC M300W Data/Video Projector

Projector (Overhead Transparency)

Projector (Kodak Slide)

Recording/Audio Devices

Sony Digital Audio Recorder

Microphone (Boundary)

CD Player with headphones (handheld/portable)

Cassette Player/Recorder (handheld/portable)

iPod - older classic

Video Devices

Portable VHS Video Player (without screen)

Portable DVD Player (without screen)


PowerPoint Presenter

Graphing Calculators - TI-83 Plus 

Graphing Calculators - TI-84 Plus


Wireless Mice

Camera/Camcorder Tripods

Screen (portable projection screen on a tripod stand)

ElectricalExtension Cord (on a reel)