AV Equipment

The equipment listed below is available for checkout at circulation. Call (740) 427-5187 to make a reservation. If you need assistance with your event, please visit the Event Support webpage for more information. There are also AV-equipped classrooms on campus.



Laptops (Apple MacBook Airs)

Video Cameras

HD Video Camcorder

Panasonic MiniDV Video Camera

Still Cameras

Canon PowerShot Digital Still Camera

Sony FD Mavica Digital Still Camera


NEC MT1060 Data/Video Projector

Philips ProScreen 4750 Data/Video Projector

NEC LT-280 Data/Video Projector

Hitachi CP-X5 Data/Video Projector

 NEC M300W Data/Video Projector

Projector (Overhead Transparency)

Projector (Kodak Slide)

Recording/Audio Devices

Sony Digital Audio Recorder

Microphone (Boundary)

CD Player with headphones (handheld/portable)

Cassette Player/Recorder (handheld/portable)

iPod - older classic

Video Devices

Portable VHS Video Player (without screen)

Portable DVD Player (without screen)


PowerPoint Presenter

Graphing Calculators - TI-83 Plus 

Camera/Camcorder Tripods

Screen (portable projection screen on a tripod stand)

ElectricalExtension Cord (on a reel)