Exams in Computer Labs

Academic testing in a computer lab can take several forms at Kenyon, from an essay written on a Microsoft Word document to an interactive multimedia foreign language test. Due to the high stakes nature of this kind of testing, and the importance that is placed on it, LBIS will provide the assistance of a computer technician in the setting up and, if requested, monitoring of any computer lab testing. 

The setup process, which needs to be done ahead of the test, involves configuring the workstation hardware and software to provide an optimal testing experience both for the faculty giving the test, and for the students taking it. Online tests may involve the use of custom-configured network logins, browser modifications such a popup blockers, printer configuration, and/or the setting of security exceptions for testing-related websites. Additionally, the workstation hardware needs to be verified to ensure that is adequate for the test.

If you are planning a computer based test in one of Kenyon’s computer labs, please notify LBIS as soon as a decision is made to give the test, which in most cases should be at the beginning of the semester. In lieu of that, please provided at least 4 weeks notice in advance of the testing day. Online tests may be provided by outside vendors, and LBIS needs to coordinate ahead of time with the vendor to successfully administer the test.

Steps to take in planning a computer lab-based test are:

  1. Notify LBIS of the intent to give a computer lab-based test. In order to make the process run smoothly for all involved, LBIS requests a four (4) week notification.  Please use this form:  Lab Testing Form
  2. Schedule the computer lab through Kenyon Reservations (https://events-reservations.kenyon.edu/)
  3. If at all possible, it is preferred that computer lab-based testing be limited to the Library Buildings (Computer Classroom, Library Building A), as well as during the times that the Library Buildings are open. (https://lbis.kenyon.edu/about-lbis/hours)  Testing in other labs is possible, however, we request five (5 weeks) advance notice for these spaces.
  4. Consider that some students may have a disability or special need which would prevent them taking the test with a larger group, and a custom setup or time may be needed for them.  Please contact Erin Salva (salvae@kenyon.edu) in the Office of Disability Services for more information. 
  5. If makeup exams are allowed, please schedule these using the same guidelines as during a normal computer-based test.
  6. Arrangements for staff from LBIS can be available, if requested, for technical support.  They will not proctor or administer the test.