Lab Policies

Become aware of your responsibilities as a member of the Kenyon electronic community. These responsibilities are articulated in the Library and Computing Use Policies document. 

Read the policies below that specifically pertain to the computer labs:

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in any of the public labs.
  • Because computing labs are study areas, noise levels in the labs are to be kept to a minimum.
  • Lab workstations are installed with standard configurations. Do not alter the configuration of these computers since it could cause others to have problems using the workstation.
  • Save your files to your H: drive. If your H: drive is unavailable, save files to c:\temp and then contact Helpline for assistance. The contents of these drives are erased very frequently and your data may be lost.
    • Warning: Do not save files to your desktop on a public lab computer! When you save a file to the desktop, it is stored in your user profile. On lab computers, when you log off the network, your user profile is deleted, and any files you've saved to your desktop are also deleted. 
  • Use only the Google Mail web site ( to check your email in public labs. Email clients, such as Thunderbird, require individual profiles, which should not be configured on public workstations.
  • If you encounter printer problems in a lab, especially paper jams, do not try to resolve them yourself. Instead, contact Helpline at 740-427-5700. A Helpline staff member will be dispatched immediately to fix the problem.
  • Users who leave a workstation unoccupied for more than twenty (20) minutes may have their accounts logged out and the workstation taken by another individual. Coats, notes, books, etc., cannot be used to reserve an unoccupied workstation beyond the specified time limit.

For More Information or to Report a Problem: Helpline (740) 427-5700

UPDATED 3/16/2017