Kenyon Compass

Kenyon Compass is a web-based system that is designed to integrate information about diverse aspects of the Kenyon academic and co-curricular experience into a single, interactive platform. With it, students will be able to find information about everything from courses to take for their areas of study, study abroad programs, internships, and even Kenyon alumni in related fields. The system integrates this important academic, co-curricular, and vocational information so that students can more efficiently manage their academic and career goals, and it serves to unify these diverse elements of the Kenyon education.


In 1892, Rudyard Kipling devoted a poem to the importance of the compass. “In The Matter of One Compass” details the voyages of an ocean adventurer, guided by his northbound needle. The most famous lines of this poem capture the importance that lies in the power of direction: “We go, but we return again!” The compass offers you guidance in the face of doubt, provides you reference in the midst of ambiguity, and ultimately delivers you, transformed anew with an adventurous glow. The Kenyon Compass furthers, honors, and modernizes this definition.

Kenyon Compass is a gleaming facet of President Decatur’s 2020 plan. The project receives its funding from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated, in part, to providing financial aid to private higher education institutions that focus primarily on arts and sciences. Coined as a digital mapping program, the website’s objective is to help students connect their personal areas of interests to other customized resources. It will be particularly helpful for both incoming freshmen and students preparing to travel abroad; both groups of students require personally tailored resources, and Compass provides a plethora. The site will thrive as an online planning tool as students can endlessly peruse customized opportunities, both academic and extracurricular. Ron Griggs, Vice President for Library and Information Services, speaks to the ambition of The Compass: “Kenyon is a place that is rich in resources for students. There are classes. There are organizations and activities. There are jobs and internships. There are people you should meet: alumni, faculty, librarians. Kenyon Compass compiles all of the different things you have available to you as a student.” And even better, the site narrows your results to your specific preferences --your own personal compass. 

How It Works

Compass has renovated the old searchable schedule system to provide faster and more accurate results to students. Not only can students use Compass to search for courses, they can also add these courses to their own personal streams, share ideas with their advisors or peers, explore Major Guides, search for job opportunities, and much more. For more information on how to use Compass, log in to and use the Help function in the upper right corner.

Development Information

Kenyon Compass is hosted by Pragya Systems, a startup company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Kenyon Compass is a customized instance of their software platform that is utilized by colleges and universities across the country, including Stanford and MIT. The Pragya founders, Ramji Raghavan and Ajay Sharda, have been directly involved in the development of Kenyon Compass, with much help from Akhilesh Mantripragada. The staff at Kenyon consists of Ashleigh Zarley, Steve Martin, Ron Griggs, Amrit Phatnani and many others, as well as several student workers including Thabo Kasongo, Maggie Griffin, Jack Zellweger, Char Dreyer, and Xiaoxuan Hu. Many faculty members have also been involved with the project including Brad Hartlaub, Pierre Dairon, Kathryn Edwards, and Harry Itagaki, to name a few. Kenyon Compass would not be where it is today without the unyielding effort of the team behind it.