What is Compass?


Kenyon Compass is a web-based system that integrates information about diverse aspects of the Kenyon academic and co-curricular experience into a single, interactive platform.

General Information

As an online planning tool for students, Compass offers you easy access to organized collections of Kenyon resources, and helps you map out paths through your major with an eye on how Kenyon students before you progressed through their major and the careers they achieved. Here you can plan your four-year experience according to your interests and graduation requirements in a way that is easy to keep track of. To learn how to search for a course on Compass, see our Course Search documentation. To find out more about Compass and how to use it, please see Tutorial Videos or Frequently Asked Questions.

Special Features of Kenyon Compass

  • Advanced course search function and catalog information
  • Specific major/minor requirements
  • Academic paths taken by majors/minors before you
  • Profiles of faculty, staff and alumni
  • Study abroad programs (future)
  • Hands-on opportunities such as jobs, internships, fellowships, etc.


For more information visit Compass Mission. For a demonstration or if you have questions contact helpline@kenyon.edu.