Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Pragya Systems that I see when I login for the first time? 
  • How do I log in?
  • How do I create a stream?
  • How do I search for a course on Compass?
  • How do I view the courses?
  • How do I save courses to a stream in Compass?
  • How do I look up the CRNs (Course Registration Numbers) for registration?
  • Can I share my courses online with my advisor and others? How?
  • How do I export the Calendar to Google Calendar and Iphone Calendar?
  • What else can I do on Compass?
  • How can I ask questions or leave comments about the site?

Q: What is Pragya Systems that I see when I login for the first time?

A: Kenyon Compass is hosted by Pragya Systems, a startup company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Kenyon Compass is a customized instance of their software platform that is now in use at dozens of colleges and universities, so when you login for the first time, you see their initial "terms and conditions" page. The Pragya founders, Ramji Raghavan and Ajay Sharda, have been directly involved in the development of Kenyon Compass. For more information about Pragya Systems, visit their about page

Q: How do I log in?

A: Kenyon Compass uses Single Sign On, which allows you to use your Kenyon username and password. Go to, and you will be directed to the login page for the Compass website. You will also be asked to confirm your sign in with Duo 2FA. The first time you login, you will then be directed to Pragya Systems' terms and conditions page, which you should read thoroughly before clicking that you agree. 

Q: How do I create a stream?

A: Before you can begin your course search, you will need to create a stream. Your stream will be the container that holds your courses, which you will be able to print, share with your advisor, and constantly update. 

Go to the Create page and select stream, then the create from scratch button. 

Name your stream (perhaps Fall 2018 Planning, or something similar) and click save & done. 

You've now created your first stream! You'll use this as you begin your Course Search. 

Q: How do I search for a course on Compass?

A: To search for a course, use the search bar on the top of the homepage once you log in. The search features look very similar to the old searchable schedule but it includes more advanced functions. Be sure to select the “course section” button instead of the “all” button (as seen in the screenshot below). To learn how to log in and make full use of the search functions for courses visit our login and course search video.


Hover your mouse over the top "Search" button to see the instructions for more advanced searches.

Screenshot indicating the gear icon for hiding/showing the search box and the advance query syntax popup which appears when focus is on the search button

Q: How do I view the courses and detailed course information?

A: The default course view resembles that of the original searchable schedule. 

Screenshot of the Course Search results page in the List View mode and highlighting the option to toggle between List View and Grid View.

You can also choose the gridview by clicking the small blue box on the top left of the course search page. Hover your mouse over (or click on) the courses and you can see more details, including course description, class time, and instructor.

Screenshot indicating how to toggle the course view between List View and Grid View and a details popup that appears when the focus is on a particular course entry. height=

Q: How do I save courses to a stream?

A: First use the search box under "Course Section" to find a class. One way to add the course is to click the three-dots icon at the top right of each course box to add it to your stream (your folder for courses). You can also see the calendar view by clicking on “Check Schedule”, or the list view with course details by clicking the “Detailed View” on the calendar view page.  To learn how to add a course visit our adding a course video, and visit our calendar view video as well. 

Screenshot indicating how to add a particular course to your stream. Highlights three dots in a particular course cell for adding that course to a stream. Also displays the

Q: Can I share my courses online with my advisor and others? How?

A: You can easily share a stream of your courses by clicking the "Share" button on the top right of the calendar view page, select the people you'd like to share with. Before you share the information with others, you can also give them permission to read, edit, and share, your stream of courses. Finally press “save & done”. The people you shared your stream with will recieve a notification and have the option to explore it right away. To watch a quick video tutorial on how to share a course online visit our Sharing Courses video

Screen shot of the popup resulting from selecting the Share Button with the Choose People and Save & Done buttons highlighted.

If you are wondering how your shared information looks to your advisor, refer to the picture below.

Screenshot of a shared stream highlighting how saved courses in that stream appear in a list by year and semester.

There is a more direct way to share the courses: through the homepage. Click “my home” on the menu bar to land on the homepage. Select “streams” under “Content Created By Me”. Click into the stream you want to share. On the top right of the stream page, find the “share” button with a sharing icon, and click “choose people”. 

Q: How do I look up the CRNs (Course Registration Numbers) for registration?

A: Once you find the courses you like, you can easily see the 5-number long CRN under the course title. If you want to view the CRNs of all your courses in the end, click on the “detailed view” button on the calendar view page of your courses.  

Screenshot of the course detail popup highlighting the CRN number.

Q: How do I export the Calendar to Google Calendar and Iphone Calendar?

A: When you view the calendar, on the top right there are buttons for exporting the calendar very straightforwardly.


Q: What, besides looking for classes, can I do on Compass?

A: Compass can help you plan out your courses and keep track of your four-year academic footprint at Kenyon. One of the most significant projects is “Major Guides”, which can give you easy access to a comprehensive rundown of the requirements for your major. As the site continues to develop, you’ll also be able to find detailed information on Study Abroad programs, internship opportunities, alumni profiles, and more! 

Screenshot of a Biology major guide with the All search highlighted for finding major guides and with the list of requirements for that major highlighted on the left of the actual Major Guide page.

Q: How can I ask questions or leave comments about the site?

A: Contact Helpline! They’ll be able to answer questions about how to use Compass and can record your feedback for further improvements on the site. Kenyon and Pragya are close partners, so rest assured that your feedback will be well-attended!

If you still have questions, feel free to check out our quick video tutorials, or contact helpline through email or Google Chat: