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Kenyon Compass integrated the old searchable schedule system and is the newer, more comprehensive resource to help you plan --for registration periods and for long-term goals. In Compass’ Course Search, you can search by subject, division, day/time preferences, and many other filters. 

How to Create a Stream

To log in to the Compass Course Search enter your Kenyon username and password. You will then be asked to confirm your sign in with Duo Two-Factor Authentication. Before you can begin your course search, you will need to create a stream. Your stream will be the container that holds your courses, which you will be able to print, share with your advisor, and constantly update. 

Go to the Create page and select stream, then the create from scratch button. 

Name your stream (perhaps Fall 2018 Planning, or something similar) and click save & done. 

You've now created your first stream! You'll use this as you begin your Course Search. 

How to Search

To search for a course, use the search bar on the top of the homepage once you log in. The search features look very similar to the old searchable schedule but it includes more advanced functions. Be sure to select the “course section” button instead of the “all” button (as seen in the screenshot below). To learn how to log in and make full use of the search functions for courses visit our login and course search video.

Hover your mouse over the top "Search" button to see the instructions for more advanced searches.

Screenshot indicating the gear icon for hiding/showing the search box and the advance query syntax popup which appears when focus is on the search button

How to View Courses and Details

The default course view resembles that of the original searchable schedule. 

Screenshot indicating how to toggle the course view between List View and Grid View and a details popup that appears when the focus is on a particular course entry.

You can also choose the gridview by clicking the small blue box on the top left of the course search page. Hover your mouse over (or click on) the courses and you can see more details, including course description, class time, and instructor. 

Screenshot indicating how to toggle the course view between List View and Grid View and a details popup that appears when the focus is on a particular course entry

How to Add A Course to a Stream

First use the search box under "Course Section" to find a class. One way to add the course is to click the three-dots icon at the top right of each course box to add it to your stream (your folder for courses). 

Screenshot indicating how to add a particular course to your stream. Highlights three dots in a particular course cell for adding that course to a stream. Also displays the

Another way to add a course is through the course detail page. Click on the course that interests you, and click the top right button "add to the stream". To learn how to add a course visit our adding a course video.

In order to show a second way to add a course to a stream, this is a screenshot of a particular course's details page highlighting the add to my stream button


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