Course Search

The searchable schedule has been integrated into this larger, more comprehensive Kenyon Compass to help you plan for the long-term, not just each registration period. In Compass’ Course Search, you can search courses by subject, division (particularly useful for diversification requirements), day/time preferences, and a host of other parameters.

How to Search

To go to Course Search, first log in by clicking the top right "login" button on Under “login using your institution,” select “Kenyon College” from the list. Then use your Kenyon username and password to log in.

To search for a course, use the search bar on the top of the homepage once you log in. The search bar looks very similar to the searchable schedule but with more advanced functions. Be sure to choose the  “course” button instead of the “all” button if you simply want to search for classes (shown by the picture below)! A quick video tutorial on how to log in and make the full use of the search functions for courses can be found [here].

Screenshot of course search.

How to Add A Course?

To add a course, you need to first create a stream, which is a container for all kinds of resources. First, select “course” on the search bar and press “search”. Under the “My Stream” bar on the right, click “Create a Stream”. Create a stream from scratch, type in the stream name (and the optional description), then click “save and done”. Next you can use the search box to find whatever class you want. On the course list/grid view, click the three-dots icon on the top right of each course box to add it to your stream! A quick video tutorial on how to add a course and see the calendar view can be found [here]. 

Screenshot of course details page showing how to add a course to a stream.

Other questions?

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