Mobile ID iPhone Installation

1. Starting at the home screen, open the App Store

2. Search for "Mobile ID"


3. Install "CBORD Mobile ID - for CS Gold"

4. If not redirected automatically, press the gear in the top right corner to open authentication settings

5. In the box type "" and press "Authenticate my device"


6. Log in using your Kenyon ID and password


7. A duo request should appear. If using an apple device, you can pull down this banner and press “Accept.” If you have not installed the Duo app, you can find it in the app store by searching for "Duo."

Notification alert (login request) from DuoMobile The notification alert has two options, either to approve or to deny.

8. Click "Authorize"

9. To use your phone as your K-Card, simply enter the number on the K-Card reader you wish to access, or press choose to pick one your recent locations, then swipe the cbord button or press “GO.”

The screen with a 'Go' Button in green.K-Card reader with green light on.IMG_0010.PNG