AV Control Panel PEIL24-Chadeayne

To Use Laptop with NEC TV

  • There is a laptop cable next to the Extron control panel. Plug laptop cable into laptop's external monitor jack, and connect the audio cable to the headphones jack on your laptop.
  • Turn on laptop.
  • To display laptop image on NEC TV, use the Control Panel on top of instructor station. (Pictured above)
  • Press and hold Display On button for two seconds. Button will blink, indicating that the projector is slowly turning on.
  • Press Laptop 1 button on control panel input selector.
  • Laptop image should appear on TV screen.
  • If needed, adjust volume with knob on Control Panel.
  • When finished, turn off and unplug laptop, then press the Display Off button, holding it at least 2 seconds to activate shutoff.

To Use Blu-Ray on NEC TV

  • Turn on Extron Control Panel (pictured above) by pressing and holding ON for 2 seconds.
  • Turn on Blu-ray control panel, located inside the equipment cabinete.
  • Insert Blu-Ray disc.
  • Switch the input display to BLURAY by pressing and holding that button on the projector control panel for 2 seconds.
  • Use NEC/Blu-Ray remote control to adjust settings for Blu-Ray player and NEC TV.
  • When finished, turn off Blu-Ray player. Turn off projector by pressing and holding OFF for two seconds.

More Information

For further assistance, please contact Helpline at (740) 427-5700 or