To Turn on AV System

  • You may use the equipment in this room at your discretion, however, if you need assistance with an upcoming event, you may request support from LBIS by filling out this web form at You may also request immediate technical assistance by contacting Helpline at x5700. 
  • First, ensure that the top Power component in the lower right wooden cabinet, pictured at bottom of this page, is turned on.  Next, find the touch panel controller, which is located on the wall to the right of the entry door.  Touch anywhere on the screen to activate it.  This screen will appear:

 ASC 02

  • Password is 1111, then Done.
  • At the next screen, press SYSTEM POWER ON

Leach control panel

  • The other equipment in the cabinet will turn on.
  • Press the Projector On button.  Projector will turn on and the screen will lower.
  • You have the choice of using a PC/laptop or playing a DVD/CD.  Select the desired input source at this screen:

Leach control

To Use a Laptop with Projector

  • There are two locations in which to plug a laptop: the wall panel to the lower left of the screen or the floor box in the middle of the room.  Select Wall PC (for the wall VGA cable) or Floor PC (for the floor box) on the touch control panel depending on where you want to plug in.
  • Plug the VGA cable into the laptop's external monitor port.  If audio is needed, plug the audio cable into the headphones output of the laptop.
  • Turn on laptop.
  • Laptop image should appear on screen. Note: You may have to adjust laptop settings to get image to project on screen. Call HelpLine at x5700 if help is needed.
  • Adjust volume, if desired on Control Panel.
  • When finished, press Projector Off on the touch panel.  Projector will turn off and screen will retract.  Next, Press Exit and System Power Off.  Turn off laptop and unplug.  Please coil the cable on the provided hook.

To Show A DVD

  • Turn on DVD player (and all other components) in right hand cabinet (pictured at bottom).
  • Select DVD or CD input source on wall touch panel.
  • Operate DVD/CD player using buttons on touch panel controls (pictured below).

Leach AV controls

  • Adjust volume on touch panel using Volume Up and Down buttons
  • When finished, press Projector Off on the touch panel.  Projector will turn off and screen will retract. 
  • Eject the DVD or CD from the player.  Press Exit and System Power Off.

Leach AV rack

More Information

If you need further assistance, please contact the HelpLine at (740) 427-5700