GAL 102 seminar room

AV Control Panel in GAL 102

To Use Classroom Computer with Projector

  • Log in to the computer. There is a wireless keyboard/trackpad available for control from any location in the room. (There is also a wired keyboard available.)
  • On the control panel (pictured above), Press and hold (for 2 seconds) the Projector On button.  Projector will turn on. 
  • Press the PC button on the control panel.
  • Computer image should appear on screen.
  • Adjust volume, if needed, with volume knob and volume icon on the computer's taskbar.
  • If you need to temporarily darken the screen, press the Display MUTE button.
  • When finished, log off the computer, then press and hold the Proj Off button on the control panel.

To Use Wireless Keyboard with local computer

  • Remove the Logitech wireless keyboard from the charging base.
  • Ensure that On/Off switch on upper right side is set to On (orange dot will appear.)
  • Place keyboard at desired location on the seminar table.
  • To move the cursor, use your finger on the round trackpad on lower right of keyboard.  (To Click, double tap on trackpad.)
  • To scroll vertically, place your finger on the white dot on the trackpad, and then swipe clockwise to scroll down and counterclockwise to scroll up.
  • When finished, leave keyboard power on and return it to the charging base.

To Use Laptop with Projector

  • There is a laptop cable inside the silver cable cubby on the seminar table surface.
  • Plug the laptop cable into your laptop's external monitor jack, and connect the audio cable to the headphones jack on your laptop (if needed.)
  • Turn on laptop.
  • To display laptop image on projector, use the Control Panel at the side credenza, next to the classroom computer. (Pictured above) Press and hold (for 2 seconds) the Proj On button.  Projector will turn on.
  • Press the Laptop button.
  • Laptop image should appear on screen.
  • Adjust volume with knob on Control Panel (if needed).
  • To temporarily mute the image, press the Display MUTE button on the control panel.
  • When finished, turn off and unplug laptop, then press the Proj Off button.

To Use Apple TV

  • On the front counter, there is an Extron touch panel.  Press and hold (for 2 seconds) the Projector ON button.
  • Push the "Apple TV" button.
  • Apple TV provides the ability to wirelessly project the contents of your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook laptop to the projector.
  • Your laptop or device must be connected to the "Kenyon Devices" wifi network in order to communicate with the Apple TV.
  • Once connected to "Kenyon Devices", select the AirPlay icon at the top of your laptop screen (looks like a rectangle with a black triangle) and then select "Gund 102 Apple TV."  For iOs devices, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the Control Center, and select the AirPlay icon.
  • (Instructions for doing this should have appeared on the projector screen once you select "Apple TV" on the touch panel.)
  • Your device's image should now appear on the projector screen.
  • When finished, press the AirPlay icon again to disconnect.  Then, turn off the projector by pressing the "Proj Off" button at the top of the control panel. 

To Show A DVD or Blu-Ray disc

  • The Blu-Ray DVD player is located inside the front equipment cabinet.  It can play either standard DVDs or Blu-ray discs.
  • Press the eject button on the front of the Blu-Ray player and put your disc in.
  • At the lectern, there is an Extron touch panel.  Press and hold (for 2 seconds) the Projector ON button.
  • Please wait while the projector starts up.
  • In the middle of the Extron touch panel (pictured above), there are source icons.  Push the "Blu Ray" button.
  • Use the provided remote control to access DVD menu items and play the disc.
  • Adjust the volume using the volume knob on the control panel.
  • When finished, turn off the projector by pressing the "Proj Off" button
  • Eject the DVD.

To Show A VHS Videotape

  • Turn on DVD/VCR player, located inside the equipment cabinet. Insert VHS tape.
  • Press Projector On button. The projector will slowly turn on.
  • Press the DVD/VCR button on Control Panel.
  • Ensure that the VCR indicator on the front of the DVD/VCR player says VCR. (If if says DVD, you can press the Mode button on the control panel to select VCR, or press DVD/VCR on the remote control.)
  • Operate the VCR player with the provided remote control or the buttons on the right side of the Extron control panel.
  • Adjust volume with volume knob on control panel.
  • To temporarily mute the image, press the Display MUTE button on the control panel.
  • When finished, press the Proj Off button, holding it at least 2 seconds until it starts blinking. Eject tape and turn off VCR player.

More Information

For further assistance, please contact HelpLine at (740) 427-5700