College Relations Center (CRC) Conference Room

College Relations Center (CRC) Conference Room

This Conference Room is equipped with:

  • 70” Aquos Sharp TV, with black Sharp TV remote  (K114867)
  • Apple TV, with silver Apple remote  (K114846)
  • Desktop Computer (Computer Name: CRC120-Conf, K114878)
  • Laptop Hookup
  • Logitech WebCam
  • USB Microphone

TV Input Options:

To cycle through the Input Options, press the “Input” button (middle of the TV remote)

  • HDMI 1 – Apple TV
    • AirPlay
      • 1 - KenyonDevices (for iPhone or iPad)
      • 2 - Choose Apple TV
  • HDMI 2 – Desktop Computer (Includes standard Kenyon software, Internet, CD and DVD playback, USB ports for thumb drive)
  • PC – IN – Laptop Hookup
    • Connect your laptop with VGA (Monitor) and Audio Jack cables
  • USB - You should not need to utilize this Input option
  • HomeNetwork - You should not need to utilize this Input option
  • Miracast - You should not need to utilize this Input option

*Using Skype? This program is currently installed on the Desktop Computer. 

  • The Logitech Webcam is mounted on top of the TV. Blue lights will appear on the Webcam when it is turned on/active.
  • The USB Desk Microphone should be plugged into the USB port on the front of the Desktop Computer. For the best vocal performance, please relocate the Microphone to the middle of the table. 

Troubleshooting tips:

*Losing the edge of the screen? With the black TV remote, press “View Mode” below the Zero (0) button and highlight the “dot by dot”

*For Audio or Volume, please use the black TV remote. If you are experiencing sound issues, please check the Desktop Computer volume to make sure it is not turned off or turned down.

  • If the Desktop Computer Speakers are muted, you will see a red ‘no symbol’ on the Sound/Speakers symbol. This symbol can be found on the lower-right side of the Taskbar.
  • To “Unmute” the Sound/Speakers, left-click on the Sound symbol and a mini-dialog box should appear. Then, left-click on the Sound/Speaker symbol below the Volume control. This should make the red ‘no symbol’ disappear, which means the Sound/Speakers are no longer muted. 

If you need further assistance, please contact the HelpLine at (740) 427-5700