Classroom Technology

Kenyon maintains over 80 classrooms for teaching. Each Kenyon classroom includes a classroom computer, a video projector or large screen display, and a rack of audio-visual equipment.  In addition, a number of classrooms are equipped with international VHS players, Multi-Region Blu-ray/DVD players, Apple TVs, document cameras, Smart Pen displays, and webcams.  A detailed explanation of each classroom's A/V resources are linked below.  If you are inviting a speaker to campus, a checklist of important items to prepare before your event can be found here.

Acland Seminar Room (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

ASC 02 Classroom (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

ASC 114 Seminar Room (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

ASC 120 Seminar Room (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

ASC 125 Classroom

ASC 126 Classroom

ASC 201 Classroom (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

ASC 202 Classroom (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

ASC 225 Classroom (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

ASC 226 Classroom (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

ASC 326 Classroom (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

Bolton Dance Studio

College Relations Center (CRC) Conference Room

Community Foundation Theater

Davis Seminar Room (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

Eaton Center Conference Room (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

Eaton Center lab (Phonathon Room)

Finn - Cheever Room

Fischman 103

Fischman 205

Gund Gallery 101 classroom

Gund Gallery 102 seminar room

Gund Gallery Auditorium

Hayes 109 Lecture Hall

Hayes 203

Hayes 213

Hayes 215

Hayes 311

Health and Counseling Center 129 - Cox Conf 1

Health and Counseling Center 202 - Cox Conf 2

Higley Auditorium

Higley 109

Higley 120

Higley 221

Hill 100 Classroom

Hoehn-Saric (CGE) conference room

Horvitz 220 seminar room

Horvitz Studio Art classrooms

Horwitz House seminar room (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

KAC Theater (240)

Keithley 002

Keithley 102

Lentz 104

Lentz 204

O'Connor Seminar Room

Library Mod A Classroom

Library Mod A Conference Room

Palme 200

Peirce Leach Private Dining Room (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

Pierce Pub

Peirce L09 Roth Lab

Peirce L24 Chadeayne Dining Room

Peirce 210 Bemis Music Room

Ralston 100

Ralston 102 Seminar Room

Sam Mather 201

Sam Mather 202

Sam Mather 206 Crawford Center

Sam Mather 215

Sam Mather 306

Sam Mather 308 (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

Storer 012 Music Lab

Storer 029 Seminar

Timberlake "Evans"  Room (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

Timberlake Seminar Room (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

Tomsich 101

Tomsich 103

Tomsich 206 (OFFLINE FALL 2020)

Tomsich 207