Olin Remote Collaboration Classroom

Kenyon's remote collaboration classroom, located in the Olin Multimedia Theater, was established through a grant by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to Kenyon College and Denison University. The objective of this faculty development grant was to enhance learning through collaboration that uses modern information technology.

  • PolyCom VS4000 videoconferencing suite
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Full room microphone coverage
  • Large LCD screen at the front of the classroom to view incoming and outgoing images
  • A video camera capable of independent control
  • Dedicated video network connections to Denison University's facility
  • Whiteboard for written videoconference exchanges
  • Seating for 8
  • Telephone for voice communications with other sites or for support
  • bringing in guest lecturers to your class
  • collaboratively teaching a course
  • sharing resources with other institutions
  • helping students access required courses
  • teaching less commonly taught languages
  • avoiding costly travel time to coordinate projects
  • and much more...
Policies for the reservation and use of Olin MMT Remote Collaboration Classroom

Reservations must be made through the Kenyon Reservations system. It is the responsibility of the person making the reservation to identify the videoconference facility to which they wish to connect. The proposer must also provide the name and telephone number of the individual responsible for the other end of the proposed videoconference.

A test session must be conducted between Kenyon and any videoconference site that we have not worked with in the past three months. Support for videoconference testing is handled by the User Services group in LBIS. They will schedule the test for a period of time prior to the event for which the room has been reserved. Given that there may be competing uses for the classroom, there may be times when the required test cannot be scheduled before the proposed session. It is also possible that a test will disclose a technical problem that prevents our running a session with the new site. In either case, it may be necessary to alter plans for the videoconference session. LBIS staff will notify the person making the reservation if there are any technical problems or scheduling conflicts.

Reservations for sessions with Denison University or with sites to which we have connected in the past three months do not normally require a test prior to the planned event.

Prior to any videoconference, LBIS staff will provide a brief introduction to the operation of the facility to those who will operate the systems. The College does not have the staff resources to provide on-site technical support during each session. A campus telephone is located in the classroom but we cannot guarantee that someone will be able to respond immediately. Videoconference sponsors should prepare alternative plans in the event that technical problems disrupt a session.

Videoconference sponsors should make plans to borrow the room key from the Olin Library Circulation Desk. The room is locked at all times when not in use.