Anyone with a non-guest Kenyon network account may print to Kenyon's public networked printers by using public lab computers or by connecting to the printers directly from their personal computers. These instructions detail how to connect a Mac to Kenyon's networked printers.

Once you add a few printers, you might want to change your printing settings; see the links following the instructions for additional configuration options. 

Printer Setup

1. If you are attempting to connect to one of Kenyon's public Canon printers, you must first follow instructions A–C before proceeding. If you have already installed the Canon drivers, then skip to Step 2.

    1. Download the Canon drivers installer package by clicking here.
    2. In your Downloads folder, double-click UFRII_LT_LIPS_LX_Installer.pkg to open the installer disk image.
    3. Follow the instructions to complete the installation before proceeding.

2. Make sure you are signed into to the Kenyon Network. Select Apple Menu > System Preferences.

3. Click Print & Fax (Print & Scan in OS X 10.8 and beyond)

4. Click the Printing tab, then click the + sign beneath the list of printers.

5. In the window that appears, click the IP tab.

6. Make sure Line Printer Daemon - LPD is selected in the Protocol dropdown menu.

7. In the Address field, type the name or IP address of the printer. Each public and departmental printer is assigned its own IP address. IP address information for public printers can be found below. For example, the IP address for Cha2pr2 is 

8. In the Print Using pulldown menu, click Select Printer Software.

9. In the list that appears, click the model of the printer. (See below for a list of Canon printers and their model numbers.) You will see two choices for each model of printer—ALWAYS select the second entry for each Canon Printer on the list. You won't be able to print unless you select the second entry for each printer. Click OK.

10. Click Add to complete the process.

Printer Name Location Printer Model IP Address
Hig2pr1 Higley 212 "Biology Reading Room" Canon iR C4580
Cha1pr1 Chalmers Library 1st Floor Canon iR C2550
Cha2pr1 Chalmers Library 2nd Floor Canon iR C5185
Cha2pr2 Chalmers Library 2nd Floor Canon iR C5185
Cha3pr1 Chalmers Library 3rd Floor Canon iR C4580
Gun1pr1 Gund Commons Lab Canon iR C5185
Gun1pr2 Gund Commons Lab Canon iR C5185
Pei1pr1 Peirce Hall, Roth Lab Canon iR C4580
Sma2pr1 Sam Mather, Crawford Classroom Rm. 206 Canon iR C1025

Change Your Print Settings

Double-sided printing

Black and white printing

If you need additional assistance, please call Helpline at x5700.