Canon Printers: 2-Sided Printing in Mac OSX

January 2015 Update: All of Kenyon's Canon public printers have been replaced by new Ricoh public printers. For documentation on our Ricoh printers, please see this link. Over the months of January and February, we will be replacing all departmental Canon printers with new Ricoh printers. This documentation will remain until all the Canon printers have departed

You must manually set your Mac to take advantage of the duplex printing offered on Kenyon's Canon printers. Follow these instructions to enable duplex printing on a Mac running OS X:

  1. Check for printer drivers
    1. Open System Preferences and click the Print & Scan icon in the second row.
    2. In the list of printers that appears, click on the printer you wish to set for duplex printing. In the description of the printer that appears, be sure that the precise model of the printer is listed under Kind
    3. If Generic PostScript Printer is listed as the printer driver, download the driver from the LBIS website. 
    4. Delete the printer by clicking the minus button under the list of printers, and then re-add it choosing the correct driver. 
  2. Enable duplex printing
    1. Open an existing multi-page document from any program. 
    2. Go the File menu and choose Print.
    3.  In the window that appears, click on the centered pull down menu and choose Finishing.
    4. Make sure to select Long-edge binding from the Binding Location menu.   
    5. When you click Print, your document will be printed on both sides of the page.
    6. *NOTE: If options under the Two-Sided heading are gray and inaccessible, return to System Preferences > Print & Scan delete the printer by clicking the minus button under the list of printers, then click on the plus button to re-add the printer.
  3. To save duplex printing as default
    1. Set 2-sided Printing and Long-edge binding from the Finishing options. 
    2. Click on the pull down menu on the top labeled Presets and choose Save current settings as a preset...
    3. Enter a name for the printing preset you are creating, such as Duplex and click OK
  4. To go back to single-sided printing
    1. Choose Default Settings from the Presets pull down menu. 
    2. Your printing will continue to be single-sided until you reselect the Duplex preset you created.