Kenyon provides many networked printers for student and employee use. Public lab printers are available to any Kenyon user with a network account, while printers in College offices are available only to members of that department.

You may configure your computer so that it can access a networked printer that is close in your office or residence hall. You can even set up several networked printers for your use. This gives you the option of printing to other nearby printers if the closest printer becomes unavailable.

Windows Printing

If you use a Windows computer, before you can set up a networked printer, you must know the name of the printer. Windows printing is managed via "print queues" which have been set up for each printer on Kenyon's print server, \\ Each print queue keeps track of the status and progress of the print jobs sent to it. A list of the public printers accessible to Windows computers is included below.

Note: All Windows printer queues, both public and departmental, reside on the server.

See our Windows printing documentation

Mac Printing

If you use a Mac computer, before you can set up a networked printer for your computer, you must know the type or model of printer and its domain name (e.g. or IP address.

If you are a new Kenyon faculty or staff member, you can find out the name of the printer(s) for your office area by asking the department's administrative assistant. If you are a new student using a public lab, public lab computers are already configured to print to the printer(s) in the lab.

See our Mac printing documentation

Public Printers

Printer Name Location Printer Model IP Address
Hig2pr1 Higley 212 (Biology Reading Room) Canon iR C4580
Cha1pr1 Chalmers Library 1st Floor Canon iR C2550
Cha2pr1 Chalmers Library 2nd Floor Canon iR C5185
Cha2pr2 Chalmers Library 2nd Floor Canon iR C5185
Cha3pr1 Chalmers Library 3rd Floor Canon iR C4580
Gun1pr1 Gund Commons Lab Canon iR C5185
Gun1pr2 Gund Commons Lab Canon iR C5185
Pei1pr1 Peirce Hall, Roth Lab Canon iR C4580
Sma2pr1 Sam Mather, Crawford Classroom Rm. 206 Canon iR C1025

Canon MFP Features

Kenyon has over sixty Canon multi-fuction printers (MFPs) in departmental offices and public computer labs. See the links below to learn how to use some of these devices extended features: