Print to Public Printers from Your Windows Computer

Anyone with a non-guest Kenyon network account may print to Kenyon's public printers by using public lab computers or by connecting to the printers directly from their personal computers. These instructions detail how to connect a Windows PC computer to Kenyon's public printers.

Once you add the public print queue, you might want to change your printing settings; see the links following the instructions for additional configuration options.

Note: These instructions are for adding the public print queue. For instructions on adding the queue for a departmental printer on your Windows PC, click here.

Mapping the Public Printer Queue: Windows

  1. Ensure that you have an active network connection before you begin.
  2. Select Start > Devices and Printers. (If you are on Windows 8, go to the Start menu and type Devices and Printers. Select Devices and Printers from the search results.)
  3. Click Add a Printer from the menu items towards the top left-hand side of the window.
  4. When the Add Printer window appears, select The printer that I want isn’t listed. You don't have to wait for Windows to finish looking.
  5. Check Select a shared printer by name.
  6. In the text box, type \\\publicprint. Then click Next.
  7. If the Connect to... window appears, type kenyon\yourusername in the Username box and your network password in the Password box. Click OK.
  8. Select whether you want this printer to be your default printer, then click Next.
  9. Click Finish to complete mapping the printer.

Change Your Print Settings

Select color or black-and-white printing

Select single- or double-sided printing

If you need additional assistance, please call Helpline at 1-740-427-5700.