Basic Printing Options in macOS

The following are instructions to utilize the basic printing options for Kenyon's Ricoh public printers. These will only be accessible one you have added the printers to your Mac.

Change Between Black & White and Color Printing

Follow these instructions when you wish to print in black and white or color from your Mac (macOS 10.13 and later).

1. From the application you would like to print from, select File  >Print.
2. Select the public printing queue from the Printer dropdown menu.
3. From the Presets dropdown menu, select Printer Features.

4. From the Color Mode dropdown menu choose between Color and Black and White printing.

5. When you have selected your desired presets, click Print.

To Print Double Sided

  1. Open an existing multi-page document from any program.
  2. Select File > Print.
  3. In the window that appears, click on the centered pulldown menu and choose Layout.
  4. From the Two-Sided dropdown menu, select Long-edge binding if your document is in portrait format or Short-Edge binding if your document is in landscape format.
  5. When you click Print, your document will be printed on both sides of the page

To Revert to Single-Sided Printing

  1. From the Two-Sided dropdown menu described above, select Off to turn off double-sided printing.