Adding a Departmental Code on Your Windows Computer

Certain departmental printers require a user code that must be programmed into the print settings of your computer. These instructions detail how to add a departmental user code on your Windows computer.

Don't know your user code? Not sure if your departmental printer requires a user code? Call Helpline at 1-740-427-5700 or contact your department's administrative assistant.

Note: You should only add your departmental user code only after you have added the departmental queue to your PC. For instructions on adding the queue click here.

Adding Your Departmental Code in Windows

  1. Open the Start Menu and choose Devices and Printers
  2. Right-click the Ricoh printer and choose Printing preferences
  3. Click the Detailed Settings tab
  4. Click the Job Setup icon above the slider bar
  5. Type your code in the box under User Code
  6. Click OK
  7. Close the Devices and Printers window

If you need additional assistance, please call Helpline at 1-740-427-5700.