Troubleshooting Wireless Device Registration

If your device registration is complete but you are still unable to connect to the internet, please consult the following points:

  • Verify that the internet connection in your room is working. Can you connect to the network with your computer or other internet device?
  • In order to automatically connect, you must set your device to join the KenyonDevices wireless network. The KenyonWifi and KenyonGuest networks do not support the automatic connection of registered devices.
  • Verify the MAC address you provided on the registration page.
    • MAC addresses should only contain numbers 0–9 and letters a–f, and should be separated with a colon, “ : “.
    • Once you register a wireless device, the registration page will show the MAC address as being separated by dashes (“ - “); as long as you used colons when you entered the address, this is OK.
  • Turn off your device completely and restart your device.
  • Once you have registered your wireless-capable device, remember to wait 30 minutes before turning on its wifi antenna and attempting to connect to the KenyonDevices wireless network.
  • Accurately and completely record any error messages that you receive and provide them to Helpline.

Wireless Troubleshooting Resources



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Troubleshooting can be found at: