Connect to the Kenyon Wireless Network

The Kenyon wireless network in academic & administrative buildings is available to both Kenyon community members and their guests. The primary service can be accessed by opening a web browser. A login screen will appear where you should enter your Kenyon username and password.

There are three wireless network services:

  1. KenyonWiFi
    KenyonWifi is the basic wireless service available to Kenyon community members. If you connect to the KenyonWiFi service, you must open a browser to login to the network with your Kenyon username and password. Most resources are available through KenyonWiFi for Kenyon community members.
  2. KenyonDevices
    KenyonDevices is a new wireless service designed for devices (such as smartphones, iPads, iPods, game consoles, etc.) that just need network connectivity. You can register your device once and never need to log in again. But your device has almost no access to Kenyon network resources such as network drives.
  3. KenyonGuests
    Any member of the Kenyon community can sponsor a guest (for example, a guest lecturer, a parent, or a visiting colleague from another institution) for wireless access. The guest will need to connect using the KenyonGuests wireless network. This service is like KenyonWiFi in that you open a browser to login with your temporary guest account. Computers connecting to this service have reduced access to internal Kenyon resources.
    Be aware that this account is temporary and the Kenyon sponsor is responsible for the behavior and actions associated with the guest account, including any violations of Kenyon's Acceptable Use Policy. For more information on temporary wireless guest accounts, please contact Helpline at 1-740-427-5700.

To connect your devices to Kenyon's wireless networks, see the instructions below:

If you have any problems please visit our FAQ.