Sponsor Guests for Temporary Wireless Access

After reading the instructions below, click here to access the Guest Wireless Account Request form.

Remember that anyone with a Kenyon network account can issue an account. If a guest you invite to Kenyon wants temporary access to Kenyon’s wireless network, you are the best person to sponsor them. The Kenyon sponsor is responsible for the behavior and actions associated with the guest account, including any violations of Kenyon's Acceptable Use Policy.

If you have any questions about guest accounts after reading the documentation below, please contact Helpline at 1-740-427-5700.

To Sponsor a Guest for Temporary Wireless Access

  1. In a web browser, go to https://clearpass.kenyon.edu/guest
  2. Enter your Kenyon username and password. Click Login.
  3. On the right side of the screen, click Create Acount.
  4. Enter the Guest Name
  5. Enter a Username for your guest. This must be unique.
  6. Enter an Affilation. If your guest is visiting Kenyon representing a company, identify their employer here.
  7. Select Account Activation to set when the account will be activated.
  8. Select Account Expiration to set when the account will expire.
  9. Enter your guest’s email address and the best phone number to contact them in the notes.
  10. Accept the Terms of Use
  11. When you complete entering information, click Create. (If unsuitable or insufficient data is entered, you will see an error message. If this occurs, please double-check the information you entered in the form.)
  12. After you click Create, a summary of your guest’s information, including their guest wireless username and password, will appear.
  13. If you want to print this information to give it to your guest, print now. Otherwise, click Logout.

To Disable or Renew Temporary Guest Wireless Accounts You Have Created

To disable a guest account you have created, click Manage Accounts. Click the account yo uwish to manage and select remove or edit to make changes. 

If you wish to reactivate an account that has already expired, you must create a new guest wireless account for your guest.