Get Online

To connect to Kenyon's wireless network, you'll need to know your network password. (If you forget it, come to the Helpline desk with a photo ID and we'll help you set a new password.)

Using your network password, you can connect your laptop, smartphone, or any other wireless-capable device to Kenyon's wireless network

If you'd like to register your smartphone, mobile device, or gaming system so that you don't need to log onto the wireless network each time you get online, see our pages about device registration.

When you're away from campus, you might still need to connect to Kenyon's network to get work done. To establish a secure connection from off-campus, students and employees can use our web-based VPN. Employees can contact Helpline to request having the Cisco VPN client installed on their Kenyon-owned laptop, which provides a more seamless way to connect to the Kenyon network.  

Either way you connect, you can access many Kenyon resources from off–campus, including your Personal Access Pages, the H: and P: network drives, and research databases.

Additional Information

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Network downtime schedule

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