Information for Speakers Giving a Presentation

As a speaker who will be giving a presentation at Kenyon, you may have specific needs regarding Kenyon's multimedia or computing equipment that may be used in your presentation. To help make your presentation run as smoothly as possible, please review this information sheet provided by Kenyon's Library & Information Services Helpline, our technology help desk. Then be ready to give the following information to the contact person for your sponsoring Kenyon department:

  • Your phone number and email address if an LBIS staff person needs to contact you.
  • The multimedia or computing equipment needed for the presentation.
  • Whether you want a student employee to assist at the presentation.
  • The software being used in the presentation (examples: Windows PowerPoint 2018, Mac PowerPoint 2019).
  • Whether a Kenyon network or internet connection is needed.
  • If a laptop is used in the presentation, whether it requires audio capability.
  • Whether you are planning to use a personally-owned laptop or a Kenyon computer in the presentation.
  • If using your personal laptop, whether it's a Windows or Mac platform, and the brand and operating system (examples: Dell Latitude; Windows 10 or Apple MacBook Pro; macOS 10.15)
  • If you require that certain software be installed on a Kenyon computer, your Kenyon contact person must receive a legally licensed version of the software at least one week in advance of the presentation to allow time for installation. Although we cannot guarantee that the software will install properly on our computers, we will do our best to accommodate you.  
  • If you will be using your personal laptop for the presentation, it may have to be configured or reset so that the image on the laptop screen will display on the projector screen. Each brand of computer has its own settings for accomplishing this. We have experience with Dell Windows laptops and Mac OS X laptops but not other kinds, so we cannot guarantee that your laptop will work with Kenyon's projection system. 
    • However, we have a backup plan! We recommend that you bring along a backup copy of your presentation on a flash drive so that it can be used in a Kenyon-owned computer if necessary. Our computers have Office for Windows 2017 or Office for Mac 2018.
  • If you will be using a Mac laptop, it will need a VGA port to connect to our projection system. Many Macs do not have a full-size built-in VGA port. If that is the case, you will need a VGA adapter (a short cable and connector) to connect to the VGA cable in our projection system. The VGA adapter should have been included in the accessories that came with your laptop when it was purchased. One can usually be purchased from a computer store. Several types are also available for check out at Kenyon's library Circulation desk.
  • If you have further technical questions about the equipment you will be using at Kenyon, feel free to contact LBIS's Events and Classroom Technology Specialist, Tim Neviska, at 1-740-427-5953, or Helpline at 1-740-427-5700.