Moderator Guidelines for Kenyon's Mailing Lists

For moderated mailing lists at Kenyon, such as and, the moderator must exercise good judgment to ensure that the information sent to these lists is valuable to the recipients. The moderator will screen submitted messages at least once each business day (normally Monday through Friday, 8:30 am–4:30 pm). The rules for use of this list are rooted in the purpose of the lists—messages should be about College business only. An email suitable for the moderated mailing list must be judged (by the College administration in the person of the moderator) to merit sending to all recipients based on how well it can be described as College business. It should be noted that events or notices from unofficial or unrecognized groups are not considered College business. Inevitably cases will arise that will require judgment; that is one of the functions of the moderator.

Moderators have the option to either approve or to reject a candidate message.  A rejected message is returned to the original sender.

Messages sent to overlaping members will also be rejected. For example, Employee-info includes all employees at Kenyon, which includes all faculty. So sending to both employee-info and faculty-info lists makes literally twice as much work for the moderators with no difference in the outcome. 

Appropriate Examples of College Business to Announce

  • The back-to-school welcoming dinner
  • A planned power outage in the Science Quad
  • A canoe trip sponsored by the Outdoor Club, an officially recognized student club
  • A public lecture by Maya Angelou or Steven Pinker
  • Common Hour campus events
  • An announcement of position vacancies

Inappropriate Examples of College Business to Announce

  • Repeated announcements of Steven Pinker's lecture
  • An event by an unofficial student or employee group 
  • An announcement that a dog has been found or lost
  • A request for a ride to Washington
  • An explication of personal political views
  • Advertisements of products or services, free or for sale
  • Lost and found alerts