Email Distribution Lists for Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Email lists for students by major, minor and concentration will be automatically updated on a periodic basis. These lists are named according to the four character code for each major, minor and concentration in the form:,

For example, all students who are Physics minors are found in All students who are pursuing a Law and Society concentration are found in

In addition to the department major, minor and concentrator lists, you can also target your messages to a specific class. The four class address extensions are .fresh, .soph, .junior and .senior.

These lists are generated from the Registrar's data in the Banner administrative database. New lists are created automatically. This list serves as a examples, not as an exaustive list of current lists. (List last updated 2017/09/15)

Majors Mailing List Address
American Studies AMST.majors.junior
American Studies AMST.majors.senior
American Studies AMST.majors.soph
American Studies AMST.majors
Anthropology ANTH.majors.junior
Anthropology ANTH.majors.senior
Anthropology ANTH.majors.soph
Anthropology ANTH.majors
Art History ARHS.majors.junior
Art History ARHS.majors.senior
Art History ARHS.majors.soph
Art History ARHS.majors
Studio Art ARTS.majors.junior
Studio Art ARTS.majors.senior
Studio Art ARTS.majors.soph
Studio Art ARTS.majors
Asian Studies
Asian Studies ASJM.majors.senior
Asian Studies ASJM.majors
Biochemistry BCHM.majors.junior
Biochemistry BCHM.majors.senior
Biochemistry BCHM.majors.soph
Biochemistry BCHM.majors
Biology BIOL.majors.junior
Biology BIOL.majors.senior
Biology BIOL.majors.soph
Biology BIOL.majors
Chemistry CHEM.majors.junior
Chemistry CHEM.majors.senior
Chemistry CHEM.majors.soph
Chemistry CHEM.majors
Classics CLAS.majors.junior
Classics CLAS.majors.senior
Classics CLAS.majors.soph
Classics CLAS.majors
Dance DANC.majors.junior
Dance DANC.majors.senior
Dance DANC.majors.soph
Dance DANC.majors
Drama DRAM.majors.junior
Drama DRAM.majors.senior
Drama DRAM.majors.soph
Drama DRAM.majors
Economics ECON.majors.junior
Economics ECON.majors.senior
Economics ECON.majors.soph
Economics ECON.majors
English ENGL.majors.junior
English ENGL.majors.senior
English ENGL.majors.soph
English ENGL.majors
Environmental Studies ENVS.majors.junior
Environmental Studies ENVS.majors.senior
Environmental Studies ENVS.majors
Film FILM.majors.junior
Film FILM.majors.senior
Film FILM.majors.soph
Film FILM.majors
French FREN.majors.junior
French FREN.majors.senior
French FREN.majors
German GERM.majors.junior
German GERM.majors
History HIST.majors.junior
History HIST.majors.senior
History HIST.majors.soph
History HIST.majors
International Studies INST.majors.junior
International Studies INST.majors.senior
International Studies INST.majors
Mathematics MATH.majors.junior
Mathematics MATH.majors.senior
Mathematics MATH.majors.soph
Mathematics MATH.majors
Molecular Biology MBIO.majors.junior
Molecular Biology MBIO.majors.senior
Molecular Biology MBIO.majors.soph
Molecular Biology MBIO.majors
Modern Languages and Literatures MLL.majors.junior
Modern Languages and Literatures MLL.majors.senior
Modern Languages and Literatures MLL.majors.soph
Modern Languages and Literatures MLL.majors
Music MUSC.majors.junior
Music MUSC.majors.senior
Music MUSC.majors.soph
Music MUSC.majors
Neuroscience NEUR.majors.junior
Neuroscience NEUR.majors.senior
Neuroscience NEUR.majors.soph
Neuroscience NEUR.majors
Philosophy PHIL.majors.junior
Philosophy PHIL.majors.senior
Philosophy PHIL.majors.soph
Philosophy PHIL.majors
Physics PHYS.majors.junior
Physics PHYS.majors.senior
Physics PHYS.majors.soph
Physics PHYS.majors
Political Science PSCI.majors.junior
Political Science PSCI.majors.senior
Political Science PSCI.majors.soph
Political Science PSCI.majors
Psychology PSYC.majors.junior
Psychology PSYC.majors.senior
Psychology PSYC.majors.soph
Psychology PSYC.majors
Religious Studies RLST.majors.junior
Religious Studies RLST.majors.senior
Religious Studies RLST.majors.soph
Religious Studies RLST.majors
Sociology SOCY.majors.junior
Sociology SOCY.majors.senior
Sociology SOCY.majors.soph
Sociology SOCY.majors
Spanish SPAN.majors.junior
Spanish SPAN.majors.senior
Spanish SPAN.majors
Synoptic SYNP.majors.senior
Synoptic SYNP.majors
Women's and Gender Studies WGS.majors.junior
Women's and Gender Studies WGS.majors.senior
Women's and Gender Studies WGS.majors.soph
Women's and Gender Studies WGS.major
Minors Mailing List Address
Anthropology ANTH.minors.junior
Anthropology ANTH.minors.senior
Anthropology ANTH.minors.soph
Anthropology ANTH.minors
Arabic ARBC.minors.junior
Arabic ARBC.minors.senior
Arabic ARBC.minors
Art History ARHS.minors.junior
Art History ARHS.minors.senior
Art History ARHS.minors
Studio Art ARTS.minors.junior
Studio Art ARTS.minors.senior
Studio Art ARTS.minors.soph
Studio Art ARTS.minors
Studio Art ASTR.minors.junior
Studio Art ASTR.minors
Biology BIOL.minors.junior
Biology BIOL.minors.senior
Biology BIOL.minors
Chemistry CHEM.minors.senior
Chemistry CHEM.minors
Chinese CHNS.minors.senior
Chinese CHNS.minors
Classics CLAS.minors.junior
Classics CLAS.minors.senior
Classics CLAS.minors
Dance DANC.minors.soph
Dance DANC.minors
English ENGL.minors.junior
English ENGL.minors.senior
English ENGL.minors.soph
English ENGL.minors
History HIST.minors.junior
History HIST.minors.senior
History HIST.minors
Italian ITAL.minors.senior
Italian ITAL.minors
Japanese JAPN.minors.junior
Japanese JAPN.minors
Statistics MAST.minors.junior
Statistics MAST.minors.senior
Statistics MAST.minors
Mathematics MATH.minors.junior
Mathematics MATH.minors.senior
Mathematics MATH.minors.soph
Mathematics MATH.minors
Music MUSC.minors.junior
Music MUSC.minors.senior
Music MUSC.minors.soph
Music MUSC.minors
Philosophy PHIL.minors.junior
Philosophy PHIL.minors.senior
Philosophy PHIL.minors
Physics PHYS.minors.junior
Physics PHYS.minors.senior
Physics PHYS.minors
Russian RUSS.minors.senior
Russian RUSS.minors
Concentrators Mailing List Address
African Diaspora Studies AFDS.concentrators.senior
African Diaspora Studies AFDS.concentrators
American Studies AMST.concentrators.senior
American Studies AMST.concentrators
Asian Studies ASIA.concentrators.junior
Asian Studies ASIA.concentrators.senior
Asian Studies ASIA.concentrators
Comparative World Literature CWL.concentrators.junior
Comparative World Literature CWL.concentrators.senior
Comparative World Literature CWL.concentrators
Environmental Studies ENVS.concentrators.junior
Environmental Studies ENVS.concentrators.senior
Environmental Studies ENVS.concentrators
Integrated Program in Humane Studies IPHS.concentrators.senior
Integrated Program in Humane Studies IPHS.concentrators
Latin LAT.concentrators.junior
Latin LAT.concentrators.senior
Latin LAT.concentrators.soph
Latin LAT.concentrators
Law and Society LGLS.concentrators.junior
Law and Society LGLS.concentrators.senior
Law and Society LGLS.concentrators
Neuroscience NEUR.concentrators.junior
Neuroscience NEUR.concentrators.senior
Neuroscience NEUR.concentrators
Public Policy PPOL.concentrators.junior
Public Policy PPOL.concentrators.senior
Public Policy PPOL.concentrators
Scientific Computing SCMP.concentrators.junior
Scientific Computing SCMP.concentrators.senior
Scientific Computing SCMP.concentrators
Women's and Gender Studies WGS.concentrators.senior
Women's and Gender Studies WGS.concentrators